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This Lifecast was recorded on March 10th, 2018 at Jack's 60th birthday celebration in the home Jack shares with his husband Michael in Los Angeles.

The guests who were interviewed: Kate Norton, Rick & Steve Simone-Friedland, Joel Bishoff, Braxton Molinaro & Jonathan Sokolow, Eva Charney & Marsha Clark, Zach Ward, Jennifer May Nickel, Annie Deyoung, Dava Savel, Sally Lapiduss, Michael Thornton & Philip Hyden, John Bunzel & Jack Stehlin, Jane Lynch, Megan Gallagher, Jeff Yaeger, Josh & Chondra Breslow, Ian & Katheryn Stokes, A.B. Fisher, J.P. Nickel and Gail Standish & Anthony Thurston.


1) Introductions • (0:00)

2) Stories of His Life • (14:41)

3) Quality Guy • (20:24)

4) I Wish I Had... • (29:13)

5) Parting Shots • (33:20)